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Java 7 Released… (watch the video)

Good and very Important News for all. That is Java 7 had released on 7th July 2011. Ceremony speech was given by Adam Messinger, vice president of development Fusion Middleware. According to dream team of Java , in the new version of Java has a big different comparing than the other versions of Java. And this is the first release of Java with Oracle company.And they has made it as MOVING JAVA FORWARD!

With Oracle, Java’s future  has goes with  the  new technology, the community, the Java Community Process (JCP), and the entire ecosystem focused on moving Java forward.

And they has categorised new Technical Breakout of Java 7

  1. Making Heads and Tails of Project Coin, Small Language Changes in JDK 7
  2. Divide and Conquer Parallelism with the Fork/Join Framework
  3. The New File System API in JDK 7
  4. A Renaissance VM: One Platform, Many Languages

Java 7 Released… from Gihan on Vimeo.

Just watch it. It’s worth to watch…


Gihan Malan De Silva