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Host your web sites on a vps – Virtual Private Server

Couple of days ago I planned to move to a self hosted wordpress blog. Here I’m not going to explain what are the pros and cons of and But instead of that I thought it’s better if I shared my experience regarding transfering and hosting my blog.

For a several reasons I decided not to go for a typical web hosting plan available in iPage, hostgator, godaddy, namecheap etc.. Because if I bought a normal web hosting plan. Most of the time I wouldn’t be able to acess the server via ssh or I wouldn’t be able to have controll over the server. That’s means all the facilities will be limited. But considering my budget I won’t be able to go for a dedicated server either. So I decided to go for a VPS.

What is a vps? vps is a short word for virtual private server. Vps can be made by using a vps software like Open Virtuoso, KVM.. on a dedicated server. In other word vps is a virtual computer which has equivalent functionally of a (dedicated server) separate physical computer.

Again we can devide vps into two subcategories (dedicated servers also have these subcategories)

1. Managed vps
2. Unmanaged vps

These managed vps are very expensive, and sometimes they could expensive as much as dedicated servers. Because they comes with more support facilities like a cPanel, secure protechtion from the service provider..etc

But unmanaged vps are not that much of expensive. So what I did is, I went for a unmanaged vps. Since I use to enjoy with making things, and bulding things from the scrach that vps become a little playground to me. So besides hosing my blog and other websites, I benifited that the freedom of using the server. :)

I bought my vps from a company called RamNode . I got a vps with 40GB HDD, 256MB ram, 1 Gbps connection with 1 ip4 ip address and 16 ip6 ip addresses, and 1000 GB monthly bandwidth for $29.84 anually based. That was the chepest vps price that I could found when I was researching on internet about unmanaged vps. I’m really happy about their after servise. And they accept paypal too. If anyone needs the link to here it is

high performance ssd vps

And still there is promotion on RamNode : 15% off for life w/ code ‘rn15off’

After buying a vps from RamNode I setup a operating system as I desired. My choise was CentOS. But there were large number of OS varities in both 32bit and 64bit.

So then my problem was how I manage all my web sites? First I thought I could do it without a web hosting management system. Actually I could do that my manually entering commands to the linux terminal.. But doing it each and every time on simple modification request was not a good idea for me. So I searched for a good web hosting management system. So these are my findings

1. cPanel – a commercial one ( not worth to pay for a cpanel unless you are running a web hosting company)
2. Kloxo – free ( but this one is out dated and not updated since longtime )
3. Ajenti – free ( but I didn’t try this one, and ajenti is a python based software )
4. Zpanel – free ( I used this one and it’s a php based software )

Zpanel has released it’s latest version 10.0.2. So I decided to go with it and it had very cool feature too. If you willing to start a small web hosting company this might be a good solution too. Here is download and installation instructions link forZpanel .

This short blog post containts my experience in web hosting with a vps. If you have any questions about this post please feel free to comment them. An I will try to answer them. And also If you have any experiance regarding vps hosting or dedicated server managing, please share with your knowledge here.

Thank you
Gihan De Silva